1. Cerebrum


Cerebrum - Lyrics and Music - Brian M.Kroll
copyright 2009 Silent Roar Tunes, BMI

Wonder why you're not serene
you're a well oiled thinking machine
Living with your mind and your heart divorced
can you really afford the cost?

Being creature comfort slaves
living in shallow emotional graves
Your mind says you're happy
but your heart feels glum,
engulfed by the cerebrum

Cerebrum, infects the hearts of men
Cerebrum, hearts are in mayhem
Cerebrum, souls are in a bind
Cerebrum, spit out by your mind

Robotized and practical
socialized but still fee dull
Plotting brains with plastic stress
nice and shined but still a mess
Past the shreds of common sense
in endless ladder land
are many brands of emptiness
to which the heart is banned

In the end you're abandoned
abandoned by the crowd
It's too late to tune them out
The voices in your head
they scream too loud